Whenever you want to trade in your old car for a new one at a toyota dealer, you need to ensure that you get top dollar for your current vehicle. Many people do this by researching current values of their cars so that they know where to start the negotiations. Here are four more tips you can use to boost your car's value:

Know When to Do the Transaction

The season is one of the things that determine how much each car is in demand. Therefore, do your research to sell your car when it is in high demand and can fetch you good money. It will also be easy to negotiate with the dealer because he or she knows that he or she can sell it fast. For example, convertibles sell well in spring when the weather is good, and people are apt to drive with the tops open.

Fix Small Problems

Fixing your car increases its value, but you don't have to bring it to its brand-new state. The key is to know what to fix and what to ignore. As a general rule, fix small problems and let the moderate-to-serious ones slide. Fixing a dent may not cost you much money, but letting the dealer see it may drive down your car's value considerably.

Know How Much It Costs To Fix the Defects

You may not fix all the problems, but you should at least know how much they cost to fix. This is necessary because the dealer will use the defects to drive the price down. After all, he or she has to fix them before putting the car on display. The information is useful when negotiating with the dealer; you know how much he or she will use to fix the car.

Show the Dealer All the Records

If you want to trade in your car, you are as much of a salesperson as the dealer. This is because you will be interested in showing how much your car is laudable, and why you should get "top dollar" for it. One way of doing this is to show the dealer all the maintenance records, especially if you have been taking care of your car properly.

As you can see, preparation is necessary if you want to boost your car's value. After that, it will be down to your negotiation skills to get the most money for your car. Combine this with a good deal for the new car, and you will be driving home a happy person.