There are few investments that you will make that are larger than buying a new car. A reliable and comfortable form of transportation can be essential for you, which makes it important for you to get the most from this purchase. You may be under the belief that a couple of misconceptions are true, but this can cause this purchase to be more expensive than necessary. After these two notions about buying a car are dispelled, you will be better positioned to make smart choices when you are shopping for your next car. 

Myth: You Should Be Approved For A Loan Before Going To The Dealership

Many people assume that they will need to be approved for their auto loan before they ever set foot in the dealership. While this may seem like a reasonable first step, it could prove to be very costly. Most dealerships offer a variety of financing options for individuals, and often, these dealerships can provide better deals than conventional financial institutions. 

As a result, you should consider the financing terms that the dealership can offer before you go to the bank for a loan. If the dealership does not offer you terms that you want, you will still be able to negotiate the price of the car with the dealership, which will help you to know the exact amount of the loan you need to purchase your car. 

Myth: Extended Warranties Are Worthless

There is another frequently held belief that buying an extended warranty is rarely worth the investment. However, these warranties can offer you extensive protections in the event that your car experiences a malfunction after the standard warranty has ended. 

The components of the car that are covered under extended warranties can vary widely depending on the details of the warranty contract. While most of these policies will include coverage for mechanically essential components, such as the engine and transmission, it may be possible to get policies that also protect you in the event that there are problems with accessories to the car. The additional cost that these warranties will add to the final price of your vehicle can be negligible compared to the savings that they can provide you. 

When you buy a new car, it is imperative that you get the most from this sizable investment. By realizing that you should consider the financing terms offered by the dealership before taking a loan from your bank as well as the benefits of extended warranties, you can help make sure that your car-buying experience is as enjoyable and productive as possible. 

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