Have you been saving to buy a new, used car, and are finally ready to begin the shopping process? If you are, your biggest concern is likely where to shop for the car, right? Buying a used car has many benefits, but you still have to keep in mind that the car already has had previous owners and has been driven frequently. This means it is important that you take additional time to ensure you are buying a reliable car and that you are protecting your investment. A good option when shopping for a used car is to buy from a dealership. When shopping from a dealership (like Bob Sight Ford) instead of an independent seller, you will receive benefits like these:

Third Party Coverage:

If you see a car on your dealership's lot and it is just outside the manufacturer's warranty then this is where buying a car from a dealership can really benefit you. When buying a car from an independent seller, you won't receive any protection against your purchase unless the car still has some sort of manufacturer warranty. Well, by shopping for your car at a dealership, they are likely to offer some extended coverage program. This allows you to be covered for any major car defects that the car may have without having to pay the full cost on the repairs. This extended coverage may cost an additional rate on top of your car purchase, but it can help you avoid paying for costly car defects, which may save you a great deal of money in the end.

History and Recall Reports:

Because you won't be the original owner of the car you like, there are some additional things to look into when shopping for a used car, and your dealership can help you understand more about the car by providing you with a history and recall report. This will allow you to know more about the car, such as the following:

  • Whether or not the car is still in its original condition or has aftermarket components.
  • If it has ever been any sort of car accidents.
  • Does the car have any open major recalls?

Buying a car that has aftermarket components can hurt the value of the car and can even void any manufacturer warranty the car is still eligible for. Also, if the car has been involved in any accidents then this could potentially cause costly damages down the road. Though major recalls are covered by manufacturers to have fixed, you will likely not want to buy a car that you'll have to send off to the shop as soon as you get home from the dealership.

Return Options:

Buying a car based on a couple test drives can be difficult and this is where you may find that buying from a dealership is best. Most dealerships allow you to have a grace period, where you can take the car home, drive it around for a couple of days, and see if you like it after that. 

Not only will you find that these benefits make car buying easier and less stressful, but you will also find them better for your investment, as you can receive protecting and ensure you are buying a car that hasn't been involved in accidents or has any major recalls open.