Buying a used car can result in major savings compared to new car prices, even if you are only buying last year's model. Purchasing from a car dealership is a smart way to go because they tend to thoroughly inspect their used cars and repair most minor issues. Because of this extra work that goes into making the car like new, it can sometimes be difficult to negotiate the list price. If you hit a stalemate on price, try to, at least, have the dealership add some of the following extras to the deal at no charge. 

#1: Extended Warranty

For most dealerships, a basic power train warranty is included with all used cars. For late model used cars, you may also still have the benefit of any remaining factory warranty. Where you want to bargain is if you are purchasing an older model or one with high miles, which could mean the factory warranty is about to run out. It is often easy to negotiate an extra two-year warranty on top of the existing warranties. When the purchase price is no longer budging, ask about warranty options that the dealer would be willing to give for free.

#2: Minor Fixes

Most used cars are sold "As-Is," which means any small issues, especially those that are cosmetic, won't be repaired. You may be able to get the salesman to throw in these small repairs in order to close the deal on the car. Look the car over and ask if the dealer will touch up any paint dings on the doors or hood. Check the front windshield carefully and ask for a replacement if you notice a lot of scratching or pitting on the glass. The fixes are relatively inexpensive for the dealer, but they can save you the cost and time to repair them later.

#3: Upgrades

Dealers may not budge on price but they may be able to toss a few upgrades your way. For example, are you buying a truck and planning to get running boards installed? Ask if you can get them included in the price or at least installed at a discount. The dealer may be able to waive the labor fee. Other upgrades you may be able to get include new tires or tinted windows. It doesn't help to ask and the right upgrade may be just the thing to sweeten the deal.

When negotiating on your next car, don't just look at the final selling price. Keep in mind everything you want out of the vehicle and don't be afraid to ask for it. The worst that can happen is that the dealer says no.