Shopping for a new car is exciting, and you are bound to be tempted to agree to a long-term payment commitment because you fall in love with a certain set of wheels on the lot. However, shopping for a new car is also an opportunity to flex your negotiation muscles, as the sticker prices you see are almost always negotiable. If you come across a car you believe is just out of your price range, take a few minutes before you walk away. You may be able to get a better price simply by asking the right questions while you shop. 

Is there a better price with more money down?

If you are not too keen on the price the car dealership is giving you for the car that you want because it means you will have higher payments, don't forget to ask if you can get a better price if you pay more down. Auto dealerships like to get as much cash up front for a purchase as they can, and this means less to be financed so you get cheaper payments that you can more easily afford. Therefore, it can be well worth it to ask about putting more down if you intend to finance the vehicle, even if it is just a bit more than you planned to pay down on the purchase price.

Do they accept any type of trade-ins?

It is no big secret that most well-known auto dealerships accept trade-in vehicles if you buy a new car, and they will often give you even more than what your old car is worth in savings. So make sure you ask about trading in your old car or truck to save some money. However, don't forget that some dealerships don't just take cars or trucks; some take everything from motorcycles and ATVs to real estate property and lawn mowers.

Is that the best they can do? 

This seems like a simple question, but it is one that is always well worth asking. Once you have shown interest in a vehicle, and the salesperson is committed to making the sale, they don't want to see you walk away. This straightforward question tells them that you are interested, but you may be having second thoughts because of the list price being a little much. So before you commit to buying a certain vehicle, ask the salesperson helping you if the price is the best they can do. You may be able to shave a little off the purchase price just by doing so. 

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