Every December, car manufacturers like Lexus and Lincoln try to sell the devil out of their vehicles, promoting them as the ultimate holiday gifts. With slogans like "the December to remember," they present to you fantasy commercials where you are made to believe that luxury is obtainable and worth any cost as a valued holiday present. Inasmuch as you might want to own such a luxury vehicle, however, even the leasing price on these vehicles is more than most people can afford.

Yet, you should not give up hope completely. When you want to ride in style for less, you can purchase vehicles for far less than what it originally debuted for. Here is how.

Wait at Least Two Years, or Buy a Model That Is Two or More Years Old

The price of last year's model, regardless of the fact that it has been sitting on a dealer's lot for more than a year, is still going to be on par with this year's model's price. Look for a model that is at least two years old, or, if you want this year's model, you will have to wait two years for it to come down in price. A drop of $10,000 to $20,000 in just two years is rather common, and the longer you can wait, the less it will cost you.

Check Estate Sales and Estate Auctions

Despite being left a luxury vehicle by their parents, heirs would prefer cash as often as they can get it. This typically results in estate sales and estate auctions, where the heirs sell off most of what they were given for cold, hard cash. That is a plus for you because it means that you can get a luxury car really cheap, while the heirs get their money. Do not be afraid to haggle at a sale, but be careful how high you go at an auction. You do not want to overbid the MSRP price of a used vehicle, despite the fact that it is a luxury car. 

Country Club Auctions for Charity

One last place you might want to check is at a country club auction for charity. You will have to buy a ticket to get into the auction, and you may have to bid a little bit higher than expected. However, careful bidding can still give you a very nice, gently used luxury car that was donated for the charity event at a price that is still less than what it would have been sold for. 

For more information, contact a dealership that has a used Lexus gs 350.