If you are in the market for a new vehicle, you might be going back and forth on how much money you really want to spend. But if you've never really owned a truly nice car in your lifetime, perhaps this is the moment that you will finally take the plunge. Yes, a luxury vehicle will, of course, cost more money, but there are a number of perks that you get when driving off your local dealer's lot as opposed to just buying another average car. Here are just some of the reasons why it's OK to treat yourself to the luxury vehicle you deserve.

Maintain Your Investment Through Greater Resale Value

Nobody really thinks of most cars as a good investment idea as automobiles lose a chunk of their total worth as soon as you drive them off the lot. But with that said, luxury vehicles maintain their value much better than the average car. Take a look at some of the top luxury brands out there today, and you'll see that even on the used market, a luxury car can still command a decent price. This means when you buy you own luxury vehicle, you'll know that you can still trade it in or sell it off later down the road if the need arises, and you'll get at least a good chunk of your investment back.

Celebrate Moving to the Real World or Your Big Promotion

Executive vice presidents should not drive a boring piece of junk. Whether you finally got your first truly well-paying job out in the real world or you want to celebrate a big promotion and new job title at work, go ahead and treat yourself to a vehicle that offers a premium experience to match your new place in the world. This could be even more important for you if you are in a position where you will have to entertain clients or co-workers. Nobody wants to see a company vice president in a broken-down car.

Luxury Vehicles Really Have All of the Bells and Whistles

Whether it's the latest features in GPS technology, the latest self-driving system, or a unique new way to put a sun or moonroof on a vehicle, luxury cars are well known for being some of the first vehicles in the industry to "test drive" exciting new features before the rest of the market will see them. You can not only get a really nice luxury car, but you can also load it up with extra features that will impress your friends and make your drive a more comfortable and convenient experience.

Visit a luxury car dealership, such as a Genesis dealer, for more information.