When you buy a new car, like a new Kia Optima, you think about financing the vehicle. The average new car is around $37,000 or more, so this is an investment you don't want to take lightly.

You don't have to pay for your new vehicle outright, and you can even finance your purchase to help you get that new car, such as a new Kia Optima, without spending all your savings in one place. Financing your car? Here are things to consider so you have the best experience.

Know your credit

Essentially, the better your credit score, the better your interest rate when it comes to getting a new car. You want to finance your vehicle with the best available rates, so make sure your credit is sound. Pay down some credit cards if you can, pay off any lingering medical debt, and keep your debt percentage low to help boost your credit score in the months prior to buying your new car.

Have a down payment

Even if you are financing your new car, you want to have a down payment for the vehicle. Having a down payment can help you finance your car more easily since you will only be financing what you owe on the vehicle. You also lessen the amount of interest you end up paying on your car overall when you put a down payment on the vehicle. Just like you would when buying a home, aim for a 20% down payment on your new car.

Pick the right budget

The best way to buy a new car without overwhelming yourself is to pick a budget for a vehicle. Take all your debt, including your mortgage, and minus that debt from your monthly take-home pay. Deduct from that amount what you spend on groceries, entertainment, utilities, and other living costs. What you have left can be put towards a new car budget, but you want to leave room for paying auto insurance and buying gas.

Keep in mind that making a larger down payment and picking a longer financing plan can make your monthly auto payment smaller, but you want to make sure you pick a monthly budget for a car you can afford. After you have chosen the maximum monthly payment you can make towards a new car, you can then look for a new Kia Optima for sale or another type of car that fits within this budget. It helps to lay out your finances when buying a new car so you don't overspend.