Vans make for great vehicles to customize in unique ways. If you're planning to turn one into some sort of camper, then working with a professional camper van builder can save you a lot of time and issues. Just be sure you are cognizant of several things throughout this relationship.

Outline a Budget

You probably will be better off keeping this camper van conversion project within a certain budget. Then you won't be worried all the time about how much materials are going to cost and how much custom work is going to run you from a builder.

Since the builder is responsible for keeping the project in line with a budget, make sure you tell them how much you're thinking about spending throughout this entire project. Give yourself enough room for adjustments just in case materials or ideas are more expensive than you originally thought. If the van conversion is potentially going to go over budget, the builder can let you know and both of you can adjust. 

Determine How Long You're Going to Stay in the Camper

So that the builder you work with knows how to design this van being turned into a camper, you need to think about how long you're going to stay in this vehicle. Is it going to be for several days or are you planning to spend months on the road in this dual-purpose vehicle? 

The longer you end up staying inside the camper, the more space and comfort it needs to provide. Tell your builder these details so that they accommodate you perfectly.

Try Going With Off-Grid Capabilities

A huge benefit of converting a van into a camper is being able to take it anywhere in the world, where you can go off the grid. Early on in the design and building process, try having your builder bring forth off-grid capabilities.

For instance, you could have them set up a composting toilet inside. Then you don't need working plumbing to go to the bathroom. Have the builder add some solar panels to the top too so that you can run the entire camper using sunlight.

If you hire a professional builder to help you convert a van into a camper, you have access to amazing design knowledge and materials. You just need to remember you're in control of how this van conversion turns out and it's up to you to guide the builder along.